Marcelino García Toral

Marcelino and his style book, on ‘Gente de Orden’.

The experienced coach was on the Eurosport programme. He recalled moments in his career, gave some keys to his method and commented on various aspects of current football.

“What matters is winning, and being a team with an identity”. This is how categorical Marcelino was about his priorities in the competitive arena. It was one of the phrases that stood out in the conversation he had with Miguel Ángel Méndez, as part of the programme ‘Gente de Orden’ (Eurosport). “Intensity and rhythm are two determining factors,” said the coach in relation to the previous sentence.

The dialogue, which lasted almost 50 minutes, began with the most recent news: the departure of the Asturian coach from Olympique de Marseille. “It was a project that we were very excited about; it was a project for two years and it lasted a little more than two months”, he recalled. On the occasion of his time in French football, the talk then turned to the state of the youth system in France and its comparison with the Spanish case.

With the Marseille chapter closed, the round of different topics began: Bellingham’s explosion, the fashion for Spanish coaches abroad (Rafa Benítez’s influence was highlighted), the Premier League, the controversy with hands inside the box, the importance of data in the work of a coach or the differences between the generations of players according to their own experience in the benches.

His connection with Mateu Alemany

“I think it is important that between the manager and the coach there is a union of ideas”, said MGT, who gave as an example his time at Valencia (when he shared the vision of the project with Mateu Alemany). He also commented on some aspects that he considers key in the management of a group of players: harmony between coach and squad, being able to convince the player that the path you are taking is the right one and the generation of good human groups.