Marcelino García Toral
Marcelino García Toral

Hi, I'm Marcelino García Toral, and football is my passion.

Being a player before a coach provides added value when managing.

You have to create value for the club. We must get the most out of their players.

It is very difficult to achieve goals if you do not have a specialized and trustworthy work team.


Official Statement
After the official statement issued by the club detailing the seriousness of the events that occurred on Monday, when the representatives of the Fan Associations demanded that the President and his Executive Board resign, with personal threats and possible consequences for their physical integrity and morale, in case of not resigning from their positions, this
Two decades among the best

It is 20 years since Marcelino made his debut as a professional coach (31 August 2003). It took place at El Molinón, on the bench of his beloved Sporting.

“Demandingness, rigor, humility and companionship are fundamental”.

Marcelino was interviewed by ‘La Provence’, in a conversation in which several topics were touched upon: from the idea of the game to the importance of the relationship with the players.

"You need to explain everything you know to your players, discover how to transmit it and become a professional and human example"