Marcelino García Toral
Marcelino García Toral

Hi, I'm Marcelino García Toral, and football is my passion.

Being a player before a coach provides added value when managing.

You have to create value for the club. We must get the most out of their players.

It is very difficult to achieve goals if you do not have a specialized and trustworthy work team.


A historic 3-5 to end a bad streak

The spectacular 3-5 win at Montjuïc was Marcelino’s first league victory over FC Barcelona. Not since 1963 had a visiting team scored five goals against the Catalan club in the competition.

Another victory in Europe… and one step closer

Villarreal achieves a close victory against Rennes and finishes top of the group in the Europa League, avoiding a Champions League rival in the last 16.

Commitment and ambition to be at the top again

Throughout an extensive interview, Marcelino spoke about the project with which he has returned to Spanish football. “I want a Villarreal of winning players,” he told ‘El Periódico Mediterráneo’.

"You need to explain everything you know to your players, discover how to transmit it and become a professional and human example"