Marcelino García Toral

Hi, I'm Marcelino García Toral, and football is my passion.

Being a player before a coach provides added value when managing.

You have to create value for the club. We must get the most out of their players.

It is very difficult to achieve goals if you do not have a specialized and trustworthy work team.


Camavinga’s new role under Marcelino’s scrutiny

In an article published in ‘El País’, the coach analyses the change of position of the French international and his importance for Real Madrid’s performance.

Campus talks, preseason and the Asturian derby

Ismael Fernández, the physical trainer for Marcelino García Toral’s coaching staff, accompanied the coach along with former football players Javi Fuego and Óscar Pérez at the Promise Soccer round table in Villaviciosa presented by journalist Rodrigo Errasti.

Marcelino’s first step

After his time as a player, he arrived at the first team bench in the summer of 2003 and came close to promotion to the first team with a very attractive proposal. The historic newspaper ‘El Comercio’ dedicates an affectionate article to that adventure.

"You need to explain everything you know to your players, discover how to transmit it and become a professional and human example"