Marcelino García Toral
Marcelino García Toral

Hi, I'm Marcelino García Toral, and football is my passion.

Being a player before a coach provides added value when managing.

You have to create value for the club. We must get the most out of their players.

It is very difficult to achieve goals if you do not have a specialized and trustworthy work team.


The Promisesoccer by Marcelino 2024 Kicks Off

Marcelino García Toral’s camp, which simulates a professional team’s training stage, utilises the Asturian coach’s methodology to enhance the talent of the young participants involved in the event.

“The footballers are the real protagonists”

Marcelino was interviewed for LaLiga Channel following his nomination as best coach in March. He arrived at Villarreal in a very complicated situation and has managed to put the team back on track.

Affection and emotion on the return to San Mamés

Marcelino met Athletic days after the cup final. He embraced his ex-players during the Villarreal’s “pasillo”( tribute to the champion in which one team takes the field before the other and forms a sort of corridor for the winning team to pass through while being applauded as a sign of respect ) and shed several tears in the press conference afterwards.

"You need to explain everything you know to your players, discover how to transmit it and become a professional and human example"