Marcelino García Toral

Marcelino takes the baton of ‘Relevo’

The coach received the new sports medium in Asturias. The result is a very complete interview, with a wide variety of topics on the table.

  Marcelino gave an extensive interview to ‘Relevo’, the new digital sports newspaper of the Vocento group. From his beloved Asturias, where he is spending these months of transition towards an upcoming challenge yet to be finalized, the Careñes coach reflected on the past, present and future of a professional journey with many chapters of interest.

“I think we deserve a big project. I say it with all humility and all modesty, but it’s because of our trajectory,” García Toral assures journalist Cristina Bea. In this context, the question about the Spanish team is a must. “Yes, that is my utmost hope. Before finishing my career as a coach, to have that possibility”, he responds while making clear his total respect for Luis Enrique, whose future on the national bench is unknown.

Athletic Club’s excellent start to the campaign (“I’m very happy because I know what those kids are like, I have enormous affection for them”), their time at Villarreal (“I spent almost four extraordinary years there, both on a human and professional level”) and Valencia, the situation of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, his opinion on the World Cup and the state of the Spanish team, the influence of Benítez and Sacchi on his training as a coach… Marcelino does not shy away from any subject, not even on personal matters, such as the importance that the family or the values transmitted by his father have for him.

  In this more private sphere, the traffic accident suffered on December 23, 2017, when he was traveling with his wife and mother, remains etched. “That day we were born again. Fate, God, because I am a believer, gave us a second chance, as the accident was very serious”, he reflects.