Marcelino García Toral

“In the modern era, there were two sublime teams: Sacchi’s Milan and Guardiola’s Barça”

He explains his vision of the game in the prestigious 'So Foot' and recalls that "Athletic has a deep root, an important in the way of life"

Marcelino García Toral gave an interview to the French magazine ‘So Foot’. The piece has seen the light in the December issue of the prestigious football magazine, an international reference in its sector. He reviews various topics: his career as a coach, his present at Athletic, his vision of the game, the differences between generations and, of course, French football (the headline of the interview goes in this sense ).

After recalling his time in Seville, Villarreal or Valencia, the conversation focuses on his current project, which started one year ago. “It wasn’t in our plans to have the option of training Athletic, but football and life are often unpredictable,” says Marcelino. “The facts and the day to day make us feel proud of the decision made.”

“This is an extraordinary club, very well managed,” continues the Asturian coach. “The club belongs to the members, it is not a Public limited sports company. Athletic it is a club with deep roots and is very important in the way of living”.

Marcelino and his coaching staff’s work method and football concepts have found an ideal place in Bilbao. “There is an important similarity regarding the style, the philosophy of Athletic throughout its history, and our way of understanding the game,” confesses the coach, admirer of both Sacchi’s Milan and Guardiola’s Barcelona. In the interview, he also praises Marcelo Bielsa. The latter’s work left its mark on Athletic, La Liga and French football.