Marcelino García Toral

Commitment and ambition to be at the top again

Throughout an extensive interview, Marcelino spoke about the project with which he has returned to Spanish football. "I want a Villarreal of winning players," he told 'El Periódico Mediterráneo'.

“It’s in our minds to look for solutions and not to blame”. With these words, Marcelino García Toral expressed the attitude with which the coaching staff he leads is starting his new phase at Villarreal CF. He did so during an interview in the editorial office of ‘El Periódico Mediterráneo’, the leading newspaper in Castellón. “I like to be optimistic, always, but I don’t like to be populist either,” he warned.

The Asturian coach made it clear that the same hallmarks he has had for many years remain: “Honesty, dedication, enthusiasm, humility, ambition…”. What could change, in certain circumstances, is the system of play. “The 4-4-2 is not set in stone,” said Marcelino: “The players have to adapt to our idea, but we also have to adapt to the players we have”.

Regarding the members of the squad, García Toral showed his confidence: “I want to make it clear that I haven’t come here to clean up or anything similar”. He denied that he has asked for reinforcements from the club’s management and pointed to one main desire: “I want a Villarreal of winning players”.  

No magic formulae

Marcelino knows that there are no miracles in football: “What more would I like than to have a magic wand and say that now everything has changed?” That said, he sent a message to the fans: “What people can be sure of is that this coaching staff will spare no effort, dedication, honesty and analysis”.  

Almost the entire interview revolved around Villarreal CF, although there was also space for some questions about the possibility he had of coaching the Spanish national team or about his recent spell at Olympique Marseille.