Marcelino García Toral

The Promisesoccer by Marcelino 2024 Kicks Off

Marcelino García Toral's camp, which simulates a professional team's training stage, utilises the Asturian coach's methodology to enhance the talent of the young participants involved in the event.

On Thursday, 2 May, the Promisesoccer by Marcelino 2024 was launched at the Villaviciosa Town Hall in Asturias. This new camp edition, organised by the company Promisesoccer, simulates a pre-season week for a professional team.

Already backed by its eight previous editions, the camp will again initiate a pioneering project on the national scene. Esteemed coach Marcelino García Toral, current manager of Villarreal CF, will oversee, along with his staff, all the training methodologies and exercises implemented at the camp, which are designed to replicate a professional team’s pre-season. Thus, the esteemed Asturian coach, a native son of the town, joins Promisesoccer for the third consecutive year.

  “We invite everyone interested to participate. We commit to helping attendees enjoy this experience both personally and athletically,” said Marcelino, who could not attend the launch as he was preparing for his 400th match in the Primera División against Celta.  

This year’s edition focuses on developing the participants’ athletic skills, relying on qualified coaches with experience in the best Spanish football academies. It will also emphasise nutrition and supplementation in sports through a partnership with the esteemed company Tecnigen Sport.

  Furthermore, this year’s camp will again be held in Villaviciosa, an ideal location for sports activities. Alejandro Vega, the mayor of Villaviciosa, was present at the launch, supporting a deeply committed project to the Asturian region. “We are thankful to the organisation and Marcelino for allowing us to continue our collaboration and support,” commented Alejandro Vega, who highlighted the connection between the activities and the local club CD Lealtad, the first club Marcelino managed in his extensive career.

The camp, which runs from 30 June to 20 July, with places still available, will be divided into three seven-day stages. Various participation options (full board, day camp, and morning sessions only) will be offered. Additionally, meeting points will be organised to facilitate travel for players not residing in Villaviciosa.

Promisesoccer by Marcelino 2024 promises to be a new opportunity for talent to gather and revel in football. Former participants such as Álex Jiménez (AC Milan), Marc Guiu (FC Barcelona), Roro Riquelme (Atlético de Madrid), Pablo Barrios (Atlético de Madrid) o Sergio González (CD Leganés) are shining examples of the camp’s success, now excelling at their respective clubs.