Marcelino García Toral

Official Statement

This staff that I lead would like to communicate the following....

After the official statement issued by the club detailing the seriousness of the events that occurred on Monday, when the representatives of the Fan Associations demanded that the President and his Executive Board resign, with personal threats and possible consequences for their physical integrity and morale, in case of not resigning from their positions, this Technical Staff that I direct wants to communicate the following:

We understand that the obligatory respect for the people and professionals who run the club, who were the ones who gave us their trust and chose us to lead the team, has been violated. The current unstable situation indicates that the sports project for which we have been hired cannot be carried out.

We came to OM hoping to return this great club to its rightful place in Europe. We want to give special thanks to the president and his board of directors, who offered us the opportunity to build an ambitious project with a view to the future. 

We were on the right path to achieving the planned objectives, and from our professional experience, we knew of the team’s progression, and the improvement was continuous. As proof, OM occupies fourth position in the league (tied on points with third) after five days without a defeat. During this time, we have also managed to be one of the two teams with the fewest goals conceded and one of the three undefeated clubs in the national competition. 

The intimidation and individual attacks that the president and his Executive Board have received, when the competition has only covered five matchdays, predict uncertain days, where working conditions are inadequate to develop our profession safely and with normality in a football club. 

The step aside of the president and the Executive Board due to the severe threats, insults and slander they have received, together with the so tense climate reached in the short space of two months, despite carrying out a very professional job and with significant involvement of this Technical Staff, we believe that it makes our continuity in the OM unfeasible. 

We want to thank all the players on the squad for their magnificent willingness to work and for sharing our ideas. Also, to the club employees who made it easy for us, since our arrival, to integrate into this great club. Thank you very much to all of them, and «hasta siempre».